Tree Of Life- Fractal tree with colorful dotsWelcome to The Centre for Exceptional Human Potential, Melbourne, Australia. Our official mandate is to accelerate research into transcendental consciousness states in Australia and worldwide. CEHP conducts research, facilitates professional development, and offers consultation services to facilitate the exploration of broader consciousness states and human potentials.

We are primarily concerned with two main disciplines of investigation: clinical parapsychology, concerned with mind potentials and higher states of consciousness, and transpersonal psychology, concerned with the phenomenal nature and potential of the human experience. We work with mental states, psycho-spiritual healing, emotional and spiritual ecology, and all other topics related to higher human potentials. We are free from ideological, political, or organisational affiliation.

Dr Alexander De Foe, experimental psychologist, first formed CEHP in 2014 and its official operations commenced in 2015.

There are at present 3 ways you could get involved:

1. Contribute

Each contribution over $1 is tracked and on August 1st of each year we make a formalised statement of how your contributions were wisely spent to further our core mission objectives.

Current prioritsed projects:

  • Veridical Mind Stage B: Additional funding for our¬†ongoing research into the verifiable aspects of out-of-body experiences (OBEs) in order to develop an OBE assessment protocol
  • Mind Potentials Scholarship: The foundation of a research scholarship program students interested in investigating mind potentials
  • Educational network in Australia: Developing more literature and web resources to share knowledge about consciousness and mind potentials

2. Join

Affiliate Memberships are now open! Affiliate Members align with our core purpose and help spread awareness about our aims in Australasia and beyond.

The fees are A$70.00 per annum and members receive the following benefits throughout the year:

  1. At least 8 face-to-face personal development workshops in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.
  2. At least 8 online personal development workshops available around the world.
  3. Unlimited e-mail and voice chat support for your questions about research and training into altered states of consciousness – this is often used by our practitioner members.
  4. Access to a private discussion forum for Members to share expertise and progress their personal/professional development (available once we reach 50 Members).
  5. Much more to come in terms of benefits.

3. Support our research

We are always looking for participants to take part in our research questionnaires and projects into states of consciousness.

Register to become an ongoing participant

Send us an e-mail to join AT cehp.me with the subject line “Research Participation”.